Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So... where do you find your freshness? Is it in the feeling of a new beginning when you unravel those covers and rise, stretching out your arms and waiting for them to pop? How about on the hike along a trail where you suddenly pause and simply... be? Or is it the vibrance hidden beneath the innocent smirk of a toddler who just "wants to play." There are many ways to find and discover freshness in our own lives, but perhaps the most overlooked one is food. In my ideal world, I wouldn't come home day after day to a family-pantry full of aluminum cans, a hodgepodge of plastic and boxes of powdered starch that claim that their contents are "homemade." I wouldn't open my refrigerator only to be somewhat disgusted by styrofoam trays brimming with the muscles that a cow or chicken or salmon once rightfully possessed. Perhaps it's these things that inhibit freshness or prevent freshness from existing that are more valueable to identify. In reality, freshness doesn't occur in the cafeteria of corporate confines or with the self-entralling, introverting, time-consuming gizmos of the technologically-"intelligent" world of today. Freshness occurs with a plant. Plants, which take our breath away yet give it to us at the same time, are the source of true re-fresh-ment on our planet. Raw foods help one take advantage of every single refreshing quality, and the life and rejuvenation that ensue from such a lifestyle highlight the "fresh" in every facet of your life.